Lucifer's Birthday

by Rude 66

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HAZMAT The Lucifer EP was always the "odd man out" in my crate. Slower in tempo than much of my beginning collection, including other selections on label Djax UpBeats, where the electro beats were rare on a label largely known for 4/4 acid techno. Once I had enough to flesh out a slower set list, the terrible pressing made it virtually impossible to match coherently. This re-release is a real treat and this will slot well with a modern techno, acid or electro set. Favorite track: Too Much from Brown.


Lucifer’s Birthday

Another album from the long lost vaults of… Wait a minute, “Lucifer’s birthday”? Hardcore Rude 66 fans (and that’s all of you, right?) will know there was never an album by that title, and they are of course correct. What you see here is a clever piece of marketing because these are, in fact, two EP’s re-packaged into an album.
The material fits together and marks an interesting transition stage between my acid output and the switch to electro. Many people believe that only happened when the new Bunker re-emerged in 1998, but in fact my second EP for Djax-Up was also an electro record.
The first 4 tracks are from the Lucifer EP, which was my debut on Djax. I loved the artwork with Satan and the flames, though in fact Lucifer in this case was my cat and not the demon Saskia and Alan Oldham thought. The pressing was pretty appalling though, and thankfully these versions are all remastered so you can hear them how they should have sounded back in 1996.
The second quartet is from the B-day EP, where the idea was tough, industrial-ish electro. These are also remasters and this time I can’t blame a pressing plant, label or distributor, vinyl supplier, the weather or oil company because the master tapes sound just as bad as the record itself. What was I thinking? Luckily it was nothing that couldn’t be fixed so here the tracks are in all their relative glory. Bonus track is a completely different unreleased version of No Cure.
When this came out almost no one was interested in electro and to this day, many people only know Djax from the Chicago bangers and techno it released, but there was some very good electro too. The EP didn’t break sales records at the time and by the time it came out, a certain mr. Tevares called that he was starting up a new version of his label with mostly electro records, and would I be interested to join in? Sometimes the stars just align themselves in the right way. But I enjoyed my time on Djax, if for nothing more than being in the company of some truly great producers.


released March 30, 2017



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Rude 66 Amsterdam, Netherlands

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