Alienated Madman EP

by Rude 66



The Alienated Madman EP is one of several dark horses in my discography.

The tracks were recorded in 1995 and 1996. Pretty much everybody I knew had their own label, so I decided to start one too. I used all my savings to have 300 copies pressed, only to find out when it came back from the plant that the distributor of all our labels like Bunker, Reference, Acid Planet, etc. didn't want to do techno and acid anymore.

So here i was with 300 records i was sure would end up under my bed. Fortunately, i sold most through what was by then our only method of distribution left: the Hotmix Mail Order that I-f operated. The experience left me without the desire to ever operate a label again.

A few years ago, i found 2 boxes in my storage with copies of the record, and these were sold out within a few days on the forum of what was then the CBS, and is now Intergalactic FM.
Needless to say the record was never repressed or available in any other form than those initial 300 copies.

The versions here are remastered, not to pump them up like mad but to actually give them some low end, which the cardboard-sounding vinyl sorely lacked. Having over 22 minutes of music on one side didn't help matters, but that's what Bunker did too. I had no idea about the relation between track lengths and sound on a record: hell, i didn't even know what a compressor was. So here is how that record was supposed to sound in the first place. Hell, it may be time for a repress!


released February 26, 2016



all rights reserved


Rude 66 Amsterdam, Netherlands

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